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The Greatest Love Ever

I have a man who thinks I'm to die for.

I have a man who doesn't judge me and makes my past a faint memory.

I have a man who thinks I'm beautiful, and I know it's a fact because he created me.

I have a man who listens without interrupting and overly is forgiving.

I have a man who gives abundantly without wanting anything in return but my gratitude.

This man, created a book that's just for me, that shares me the story of his life and is the guideline to make my life better.

This awesome man loves me enough to prepare a home for me with streets made of gold.

For his love I am not worthy of, yet he still gives it.

My life, I give to him without question.

I want to worth his sacrifice, I want to rejoice in this new life and second chance he has given me.

Lord, I am yours forever more.