Life in 100 Words

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We went from two circles intersecting  to trying to fit a square into a circle.

You said I wasn't communicating, I felt that you didn't want to hear me.

You say I'm predictable, you're stuck in your ways.

We slowly drifted apart, but my heart still had the will to fight.

My heart still pumped for you, my heart still believed in you.

In. You.

But at some point my fight for you drove you elsewhere.

Without warning, my fairy tale became a harsh reality.

I realized that I put you before me because I loved you

I put you before me to keep us together.

I put you before me until I saw that your mind was elsewhere.

I felt them burning my eyes, tears spilling from my eyes to wash away my clouded vision of what I thought we could be.

Those tears spilled and soaked my pillow. 

I forgive you, I don't hate you.

I will always love you, but I love me much more.

I'm first now.

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