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A man can scratch and itch, but I ignite my own fire.

I give myself no rules  to evoke in my own self pleasure.

I have no shame in indulging in the smoothness of my skin, the thickness of my thighs, the caress of my waist, the curve of my breasts.

This is the essence of who I am, naked, free, and showing myself how much I'm loved.

I pretend my flower is a magical lamp and I rub and fantasize about  Idris Elba, Boris Kodjoe, Michael B Jordan.

Sometimes I bring out my bright pink battery operated friend I affectionately named "Quincy" and provide myself with stress-relieving, soul stirring, body and soul connecting pleasure.

No worries of STD's, no pressure for my body to be perfect, no need to wait on the next person to reach their peak, I control my floods of gratification. 

I can control how much and how often I'm satisfied, such an amazing power!

It may be seen as taboo to some, others won't admit that they do it, but I say loudly and proudly that I love myself and feel damn good showing it.

Yes, the weight of the man can spark, but the softness of your own touch will set your body ablaze.

Give in to the freedom of your body, your mind, your spirit. 

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