Life in 100 Words

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If you ever catching me staring at you, don't think I'm crazy.

It's just that my mind is racing and I have a confession:

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve someone as beautiful as you.

I can't imagine or fathom how God could create someone so wonderful for me.

You juggle so many things, you wear so many hats, but you never make me feel forgotten.

You've aided in the rebuilding of my confidence.

You're supportive of my dreams, even if you don't agree or understand them.

How could I ever repay you for being a huge part of my life?

There's no amount of money, sex. or conversation I could give you, that's not enough.

I'll pray for you harder than I pray for myself.

I'll be your backbone when you feel the world crashing on your shoulders.

I'll accept you as you are, unchanged, unapologetically and without fear.

I have another confession, I LOVE YOU.