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So, You Wanna be a Blogger? (2nd Anniversary Post)

So, you have a WordPress site that has been empty for about two months and then you decide to finally use it.

You're clueless as to what to name your blog, but a class assignment from you Memoir professor gave you the inspiration, you challenge yourself to write blog posts only using 100 words.

You struggle to stick to the challenge you gave yourself, you spend hours editing  sometimes 1,000 word posts. You argue, you get angry, you make plenty of trips to the liquor store to get wine. You suffer from severe writers block, but eventually find 100 words that you can live with.

You will realize that some folks will take your posts personal, people will try to dissect each post to see if you're talking about them or someone else, they will try to find the hidden messages in between the lines even if they're nonexistent.

Someone will try to steal your concept and you will hit that ass with a copyright.

You find inspiration from your peers, but secretly you envy them. You look at their numbers and their comment sections and compare yours to theirs. You get discouraged and feel as if you're not a true writer. You fight with yourself to delete the very space you find solace in. The very space that is your where you are free to speak on whatever you want, whenever you want, however the hell you want.

You struggle with differentiating the roles of a writer and blogger, yes there's a difference.

You will hate your blog's layout, it will annoy the shit out of you until you charge your credit card to the max to fix it and get a logo made.

You will struggle and grind to make your blog have a unique voice.

You will struggle to balance life and blogging. 

You will be typing this post two years later, slightly buzzed, misty eyed and proud at the progression and growth you've experienced and  you know that this journey is just beginning.


Here's some advice:

Write, edit, drink, repeat until you're satisfied.

Write everyday if you can or whenever you're inspired, don't hesitate to get your thoughts down.

Utilize social media as means to connect with other writers and bloggers. Use it to drive traffic to your blog and make loyal readers.

Know that there will be times when you post something that you hate, your readers will love it.

Don't be discouraged by the lack of numbers or comments, they will come in time and even if you don't get any at all,  do it because you love it.

Cuss. Rant. Cry if you have to.

Revamp your site if you can, make your space reflect who you are.


Happy 2nd Birthday to Life in 100 Words, I want to say thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing, I couldn't do this without you.

Cheers to 2 years and more to come!