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Life Chat: I got you.

Dear Daughter,

I know you think that I've forgotten you, but I haven't.

Every night when you sit on your bedroom floor reading my word and talking to me, I hear you.

Don't ever think that I won't come to you when you call on me.

You may not see me, but you must believe in me and my all knowing power.

When you sat in that bed crying after he broke your heart, when the tears stopped, that was me comforting you.

When you got that funny feeling about that " friend", that was me guiding your intuition.

When you got off that train that eventually crashed, that was me protecting you.

When you wake up in the morning and feel the sun warming your face, or hear the calmness of the rain hitting your window, that's me showing you that I am the creator of all things, I thrive all around you.

I hear every prayer. 

But my child, I need you to be content in my timing, I will not steer you wrong.

I know what you need, but I want you to have faith in my ability to provide for you.

You feel alone, I'm preparing you and strengthening you,I have someone for you.

I will give you everything that you've prayed for, I will give you an abundance of blessings, but you have to trust me.

When times get hard, when your mind and soul gets weary, know that I'm here with you.

When you see me blessing those around you, don't get discouraged, your blessing is on the way.

Yes, she's beautiful, but I made you fearfully and wonderfully, you are my prized possession.

Those negative people in your life will not be around much longer, I'm moving them out the way.

Your struggles will not last always. You're my child, and you will see victory.

Your sacrifices will be rewarded.

Keep reading my word, keep talking to me through prayer.

Keep believing and having confidence in me.

I got you.

Love Always,

Your Heavenly Father.