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Life Chat: Sweet Sixteen

 Dearest Mahneerah,

I can tell by your smile in this photo this life for you has just begun. You are carefree, your life is uncertain, but you believe in all the possibilities.

I am here to tell you that life didn't turn out exactly how you predicted in those pages of your journal. B2K is gonna break up, sorry girl, you won't marry Omarion.

You're going to graduate college in be almost $22,000 in debt, don't worry you've been paying Sallie Mae.

 You're gonna gain weight, so enjoy that small waist while you have it. You're gonna battle with beauty. You will fight everyday to love yourself more. You will fight to accept your body and be comfortable with yourself.

You're gonna lose your mother and grandmother shortly after, you will be diagnosed with depression and you will struggle with coping with it. You will be on anti-depressants at the age of 21, but stop using them because your relationship with God will be the strongest it's ever been.

You're gonna get your heart broken, a lot. You will shed lots of tears over men who couldn't be faithful, took your kindness for weakness, or made you feel low, but you won't ever not experience love. You will have a single life full of self-discovery and a couple of bad dates, but love will enter your life unexpectedly. He's a good man.

You will lose friends. Some you outgrew, others for petty reasons, but you will have one loyal friend who you will see get Married, another who's birthday is 24hrs after yours  and you'll meet amazing people and build lots of  long lasting connections.

Your relationship with your sister will be strained. You will lose yourself in her drama, you will be very stressed. But you will forgive her and try to rebuild your relationship.

Enough about the bad.


You will have a beautiful niece who will be the light of your life, she'll try you, but hey she's a kid :).

You will have that journalism degree you've always wanted and you won't let your writing talent wither away, you'll become a blogger. Your writing will introduce you to some amazing people and it will get you published and noticed by people all over the world.

I wanted to take this time to tell you that you are beautiful. I know there will be times when you feel like the ugliest person in the world or you will not feel confident due to your new size, but you're gorgeous. Believe it and own it honey! 

You're worthy of everything you've prayed and worked hard for. Your prayers are not unheard.  Your sacrifices will not be in vain.

I want you to dream bigger, no dream is impossible.

This guy that you will date loves you. Relationships aren't easy. God forbid it doesn't work out, be strong. 

Believe in your talent, use it as a instrument to help someone, don't worry about popularity or numbers.

Life is too short, enjoy everyday and be grateful.

I love you.