Life in 100 Words

A Unique look into life, 100 words at a time.

#sayhername (more than 100 words)

Her name was Aiyana. At the age of 7, died sleeping on her grandma's couch. No knocks were heard, she was in the wrong place in the wrong time, they said. Her name was Rekia. Driving down the wrong street and asking for directions, lead to her death and a nations resurrection, we are getting tired.

Her name was Sandra. She was woke, she knew her rights and in an instant her life was taken away, they disguised it as suicide, enough is enough.

My name is Mahneerah and I live in fear. I am grateful everyday that I can put the key into the lock of my home and enter. I walk everyday in fear that one day an officer wants to use my life to prove a point or to fill a quota.

Many have perished, Millions live in fear. We are scared, we are tired, we want it to stop.

Say their names loudly. Their lives mattered. Our lives matter.