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Life Chat: I'm finally a Daddy's Girl

black-father-and-daughter I don't know who my biological father is. No, this isn't an episode of Maury, but I hate to say that I grew up a statistic.

I was one, like many, that was a little girl who grew up in a single parent home. My sister was the fortunate of us two, her father was in her life in some shape or form, but my father denied me hours after being born and for the past 27 years I haven't seen him, I've never seen him. My family has an idea of who he is, but I've always been content with it just being my mom and me.

Father's Day would come and while all my classmates were making their dads cards, I made my mother one. But when I turned 6, my life took a drastic and unexpected turn, his name was Vernon.

To be honest, I didn't like him at first. One, because I was too young to understand the concept of marriage and two, I wasn't used to having a man around, it was always my mom who had to play both roles. He came with baggage, but also with a willingness to get help for his addiction and to do everything in his power to make sure my mother, my sister, and I was taken care of. I began calling him by his first name, then my mom gave him the nickname "poppie" for me to call him, but I never called him Dad.

It wasn't until I went through (what I thought) was a terrible breakup at the age of 18, crying in the bathroom with my mother holding me after I had just been told by my ex-boyfriend that he wanted someone else, he walked into the bathroom and gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear "He was a punk motherfucker anyway, my baby girl deserves someone better." it was then, that I knew he cared and I called him Daddy.

Our relationship progressed but it wasn't until my mother died that I realized how much I loved him. There stood a man, who took on the responsibility of two kids who were not his and kept his vows until "death do us part." that made me admire him and I felt the need to be strong for him because he was all I had for a parental figure.

He's been there for every graduation, I got calls on every birthday, he was there for the birth of his first grandchild.

Now, at the age of 27 I can proudly proclaim that I know how it feels to be a daddy's girl. I'm proud of this feeling and I cherish it.

I plan to one day have him walk me down the aisle and give me away to a man who's as close to him as I can get, I plan on on one day buying him a huge house to retire in, and to give him more grandchildren (Lord Willing).

Daddy, our journey hasn't been easy, but I'm proud of where we are and of our growth.

I love you beyond words and even though blood separates us,my heart is yours.

Happy Father's Day.