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Life Chat: Hello 27

image Is it me or birthday's aren't as exciting anymore the older you get?

As my 26th year of life comes to a close I often take time to reflect on the good, bad, and ugly and start fresh.

Some people say milestone birthdays like their sweet 16th, old enough to party 18th or fully legal to drink and smoke 21st are memorable, for me it was 26.

Old enough to know better, but still young enough to make miniscule mistakes but 26 has taught me a few things that I want to carry into 27 and some things I want to leave behind.

One of the themes of being 26 that I want to take into 27 is strength. Man, I've tapped into my inner strength, that strength God gave every woman. I lost my grandmother and I really had to find the strength to get up in the morning. I had to find the strength to continue living my life. I found it and I'm never letting it go.

Another theme of 26 was forgiveness. This is something I still struggle with, but It's something I want to bring into 27.

The person who I need to forgive the most is my father. I need to forgive him for abandoning me hours after being born. I had to forgive that he's missed 27 birthdays, graduations, prom. I have to forgive that he wasn't ready to be dad to me.

I also have to forgive my sister. Our relationship isn't perfect, we're at a rough patch right now, I'm trying to forgive her and move on with my life and accept that I have to determine my own destiny and live my life on my terms. I'm leaving the nest.

Acceptance is another theme. 26 taught me to accept and love all that I am. The curves, freckles, and stretch marks. I had to accept that not everyone was my friend and I had to accept that life is unpredictable, yet beautiful. I've accepted love as well, from a great man.

What i'm leaving behind is doubting myself and my abilities to be great in anything I do. I'm leaving behind the people who caused me harm, who took my kindness for weakness and those who told me my dreams were not attainable.

Another year to make my dreams come true, another year to become a more amazing woman. Another year sexier, another year of great friends, amazing love, and freedom.

Hello 27, nice to meet you.