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Start. Stop. Continue. #30layers30days Day 30

START: Going after the goals I set for myself, my blog, and my career.

Taking better care of myself (physically, spiritually, emotionally)

Having more fun.


Worrying about numbers, traffic, readership and just continue doing what I love, writing from the heart.

Being afraid to let him love me.

Putting others happiness before mine

Doubting my abilities as a writer.




Being happy.

Having dreams and goals.

Blogging and building my blog as a brand and connecting with my readers.

Getting to know him and not worrying about the past.

Growing into the woman I'm proud to be.

To GG Renee, creator of this amazing challenge, I say Thank you, this has been fulfilling, soul baring, and a journey full of discovery. I've been introduced to some amazing writers and I've grown as a writer myself. I'm eternally grateful.