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Start. Continue. Stop. #30layers30days Day 1

***I am currently participating in GG Renee Writers #30layers30days writing challenge for the month of September. It's an extra challenge for me because I'm continuing in my 100 word format. Wish me luck. If you want to participate click here.*** I put limits on myself and my writing. I'm not seeing numbers like the other bloggers I follow, I need to start believing in my writing and in my small, intimate audience. The comments prove that I'm doing something right.

I've had enough of being afraid to take risks. I'm so used to being safe, I over analyze, I panic. I'm scared to even try when it comes to love, traveling, &career choices.

I will continue to write. I gave myself a platform &100 words to share with the world. I will continue to grow and learn as a blogger &writer.