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Said His Hands: Forgive Me

***Authors Note:In no way am I condoning domestic violence!!! this is just a piece I did from the view of the hitter. Domestic violence must be stopped this is my way of bring awareness to it.

Peace and Love,


Now you wanna leave me?

I know my hands that once caressed your cheek and told you that you're beautiful, blackened your eye so bad that you need makeup.

You bought this on yourself!

I forgive you though for constantly accusing me of cheating (even though you were right)

For nagging me to be a better man than my father was, this is how you met me!

You're not gonna leave me, I have you dickmotized

You don't have any self esteem or respect. The more you nag the more I'll continue sending you to MAC

Don't you forgive me?