Life in 100 Words

A Unique look into life, 100 words at a time.


An empty mailbox. Every balance is $0.00.

My nieces laughter.

Finding out I'm not working with a certain manager at work.

Sade's music.

A warm, soft kiss.

Unexpected blessings.

Finding money randomly on the street.

Multiple orgasms.

Freshly washed hair.

A new hairdo.

A BEAT face.

New lipstick.

Laughing so hard until my sides hurt.

Sunday dinner.

Chilling with friends then it becomes a random adventure.

A day off from work.

Hearing "thank you".


Finishing frustrating homework assignments.


Cuddle sessions.

New music by any of my favorite artists.

Sleeping in.

Green tea with honey.

Life is good!