Life in 100 Words

A Unique look into life, 100 words at a time.

Everyone has a story. When we share those stories, through our own pain or triumphs someone else can find comfort, laughter, hope, familiarity, or identity. 

That is why I created this blog. I chose to put a unique twist on how I share my story , It's only 100 words at time (if it's really good, I'll share more).

My name is Minnie, I am a writer and blogger (yes, there's a difference) that is a resident of Jersey City, NJ.

I have an Associates in Liberal Arts from Hudson Community College and also  a Bachelor's in English (Concentration in Journalism) with a Minor in Media Arts from New Jersey City University. But even with those degrees, I feel like life is my greatest teacher.

I have a lot of growth, experience, and truth to share with you. 

So click "Blog" to read, Click "Vlog" to see. Let's grow together.